Statewide Benchmarking

GreatCo-Ops will launch a statewide-branded Cooperative Excellence ConsortiumSM in your state quickly and easily.  It is the only benchmarking and best practices program exclusively for electric co-ops based on an all-hands employee survey.  The Consortium will empower your state’s co-op managers to

  • Enhance Employee Engagement
  • Prepare for the Disruptions Ahead
  • Improve Their Safety Culture
  • Reduce Employee Turnover
  • Enhance Employee Engagement
  • Develop New, Data-Driven Best Practices
  • Learn Directly from Their Peers
  • Harness the Vast Knowledge of Their Entire Workforce
  • Better Anticipate Future Leadership Challenges

Our team does the heavy lifting, allowing your statewide’s staff to continue focusing on what they do best.

Your state’s Cooperative Excellence ConsortiumSM is certain to develop stronger co-ops in your state by showing their leaders how they are doing – and how they compare – on critical measures of long-run success.

Program Highlights and Benefits

  • A comprehensive, statewide-branded benchmarking and best practices program for your state’s co-ops, designed and implemented by the experts at GreatCo-Ops
  • Empowers co-op leaders with clear, actionable, data-driven insights about their cooperatives’ “health,” both in absolute terms and relative to statewide peers
  • Gives co-ops a straightforward methodology for tracking improvements over time and determining the effectiveness of change initiatives
  • Requires a minimal investment of time on the part of participating co-ops and the statewide
  • Provides co-op leaders with high levels of individualized feedback, both in custom reports and in personal consultations with GreatCo-Ops
  • Taps the collective wisdom of the entire workforce of participating co-ops through our VitalSigns Cooperative Assessment®
  • Gives your statewide additional opportunities to recognize and celebrate operational and managerial excellence in your member co-ops

Program Components

Data Collection and Analysis

The GreatCo-Ops VitalSigns Cooperative Assessment® – based upon an online, all-hands employee survey – is derived from decades of the highest-quality research in management, leadership, and business strategy.  This proprietary, anonymous survey takes only 20 to 30 minutes for co-op employees to complete. Our team handles all the logistics. Once the surveys are complete, our statisticians do the analyses, and our consultants produce vital new insights that co-op managers can get nowhere else.

Example Assessment Areas
  • Organizational Culture
  • Risk Identification and Management
  • Safety Culture and Challenges
  • Key Strengths and Weaknesses
  • The Co-Op’s Unique Threat and Opportunity Landscape
  • Process Quality, Efficiency, and Effectiveness
  • Employee Skill/Training Levels and Needs
  • Employee Engagement, Satisfaction, and Turnover Intentions
  • Workforce Buy-In to the Mission, Vision, and Core Values of the Co-Op
  • Cooperative Governance
  • Strategic Planning and Communications Effectiveness

Reporting and Consultation

Participating co-op managers will receive a report that details their co-op’s scores on the VitalSigns Cooperative Assessment®, both in absolute terms and relative to their statewide peers.  (In subsequent years, they will also see comparisons to their past scores.)  The report will include anonymous written comments from employees that add richness and context to the numerical results. The report will include a narrative for co-op management – written by GreatCo-Ops’ strategy and leadership experts – that provides practical advice on how to maximize the co-op’s performance based upon the insights gained from the assessment.

Once the report is delivered, each participating manager will have an in-depth phone consultation with GreatCo-Ops to discuss their co-op’s scores, its relative rankings, the key challenges identified in the assessment, our team’s perspectives on possible solutions to those challenges, and top leadership priorities.

Recognition and Best Practices Sharing

Your state’s Cooperative Excellence ConsortiumSM provides the ideal opportunity for your statewide to recognize its best-managed member co-ops. GreatCo-Ops will provide your statewide with the names of the top-scoring co-ops in each primary category of the VitalSigns Cooperative Assessment®. That way, your statewide can recognize their excellence during your annual meeting or in any other way you wish.

Plus, we encourage you to invite the leaders of the top-scoring co-ops to share their strategies for success, either in-person during statewide meetings or via conference calls. This information exchange ensures maximum flow of knowledge between participating co-ops, and it encourages the development of new best practices that will drive significant improvements in cooperative performance throughout your state.

Want to learn more?

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