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State-Branded Benchmarking Services

Your statewide can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your state’s cooperative leaders by working with GreatCo-Ops to implement our new VitalSigns Cooperative Assessment® across multiple co-ops in your state. It is the most powerful benchmarking process available to your state’s cooperative leaders, and it will give them a fundamentally better understanding of their co-op’s culture, employee engagement, safety perceptions, mission buy-in, and other leading indicators of their cooperative’s future health.

Grow better leaders in your state by helping them learn how their co-ops compare on critical measures of long-run viability - culture, employee engagement, strategic buy-in, financials, safety, and much more.

Program Highlights

  • A comprehensive, branded benchmarking program for your state’s electric cooperatives, designed and implemented by GreatCo-Ops.
  • Provides leaders with clear insights about their co-op's absolute level of performance, performance relative to others in your state, and ways to boost performance.
  • Combines traditional measures of cooperative performance with our proprietary measures of culture, employee engagement, strategic planning effectiveness, future employee turnover, and much more.
  • Provides participating cooperatives with high levels of individualized feedback, both in professionally-designed reports and in personal consultations with our staff.
  • Saves cooperatives significant dollars, and yields much richer insights, compared to attempting this process alone.
  • Culminates in a one-day Best Practices Summit for leaders of participating cooperatives, led by GreatCo-Ops researchers and consultants.

Program Components


The GreatCo-Ops VitalSigns Cooperative Assessment® includes the collection and analysis of both objective and perceptual measures of cooperative performance.

Objective Performance Data

The objective measures of co-op performance include the standard industry metrics related to safety, reliability, financials, and so on, in addition to other key measures of organizational health.

Perceptual Performance Data

Based upon decades of the highest-quality research in management, leadership, and strategy, our proprietary, anonymous employee survey will address the following factors for participating cooperatives:

  • employee engagement;
  • organizational culture;
  • acceptance of the co-op's mission, vision, and core values;
  • perceptions of communication in the co-op;
  • satisfaction with the safety culture at the co-op;
  • future employee turnover risk;
  • satisfaction with opportunities for professional development and career advancement;
  • and many other key measures that predict the future health of the cooperative.

Reporting and Coaching for Participating Cooperatives

Each participating cooperative will receive a professionally produced, confidential, personalized report highlighting their performance on each dimension we assess, as well as how they compare with their peers on each dimension. The reports will include summaries of their results, as well as graphics to help cooperative management quickly understand how they compare. In addition, each report will contain a narrative written by our team that clearly articulates each cooperative’s strengths to leverage, areas to improve, and how to improve.

Once the reports are produced, GreatCo-Ops will schedule conference calls with the senior staff of participating cooperatives to discuss the findings, address any questions or concerns they may have, and provide insights that will help participating leaders address organizational challenges.

Annual Best Practices Summit

At the end of this one-year cycle, our staff will lead a one-day Best Practices Summit, bringing together leaders from each of the participating cooperatives. Among other things, the agenda will include:

  • an overview of the results by our staff,
  • facilitated roundtable discussions about best practices,
  • presentations by representatives of the top-scoring cooperatives in each performance category,
  • recognition for top-scoring cooperatives,
  • and opportunities for participants to provide feedback about the process to improve future cycles.
We would be happy to provide additional details and discuss how this program can be custom-tailored to yield maximum leadership development and enhanced cooperative performance in your state.

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