Executive Search

Hiring a senior co-op leader is a high-stakes decision. GreatCo-Ops will help you get it right.

When you engage GreatCo-Ops for executive search, you get premium-quality service from a high-integrity team that cares deeply about your success.  We will work relentlessly to find an ethical, experienced leader who fits your values, culture, and job requirements.

You deserve a search firm that understands electric cooperatives and puts your needs first. That is exactly what you get with GreatCo-Ops. And we back up our work with an industry-leading, two-year guarantee.

GreatCo-Ops is your ideal partner when searching for a new CEO/GM, VP, or another senior executive.

Why hire GreatCo-Ops for your next executive search?

  • You will get the premium-quality service you deserve. We deliver exceptional service in every aspect of our work. Your GreatCo-Ops engagement leader will be available 24/7 throughout the process. And you will be kept up-to-date through frequent communication with us.
  • We truly care about the results. You can count on us to do everything possible to find the right hire for your co-op. Our reputation in the industry and our success as a firm hinge on your total satisfaction, and we will never lose sight of that.
  • We will help you reach consensus on the qualities of the ideal executive for you. Until there is a common vision at your cooperative for what you need, it is impossible to identify the best person for the job. Through one-on-one meetings with your board/staff, a carefully-crafted board/staff survey, and a facilitated group meeting with your board/staff, we will help your co-op reach a consensus on the ideal qualities you need in the new hire. This significantly increases the odds of finding a candidate everyone can support.
  • We will work hard to understand your cooperative. To do the best job matching your co-op with the right candidates, we must understand your organization very well. We will review your strategic plan, annual reports, organization structure, history, service territory, membership characteristics, and more. We will also meet one-on-one with your directors and staff to learn all we can about your co-op and the job. This helps us find your best candidates and “sell” the opportunity to them effectively.
  • We take a team-based approach. Your executive search is too important to rely on the judgement of just one person. That is why our search process includes face-to-face (virtual) candidate screenings by as many as six people on our team. This gives us a better picture of the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate, ensuring that we only present candidates to you who are viewed as a good fit by multiple members of our experienced team.
  • We know the challenges ahead for co-op leaders. Our team works every day with co-op executives on strategic planning, risk management, leadership issues, and more. We know the challenges on the horizon. This means we can identify candidates with the qualities necessary to help your co-op thrive in the turbulent times ahead.
  • We understand good co-op leadership. We have helped hundreds of co-op leaders to be more effective through coaching and training. We have authored numerous books and research studies on leadership. We have surveyed more than 1,500 co-op employees since mid-2020 to determine the drivers of effective leadership and healthy cultures in cooperatives. And, several of us are former executives ourselves. Long story short, we understand what to look for in good co-op executives.
  • Our candidate acquisition strategy is comprehensive. We cast a wide net to generate a deep pool of qualified candidates for your position. Our multi-channel job promotion approach includes social media posts, as well as ads with NRECA, Energy Central, Indeed, and others. We will leverage our extensive email list to market your job throughout the industry. We will reach out by telephone and hard-copy mail to energy industry leaders to solicit referrals and applications. We will leave no stone unturned in generating high-quality applicants from cooperatives, municipals, and IOUs (and from beyond electric utilities as well).
  • Our thorough screening process separates the wheat from the chaff. No firm has a more robust applicant screening process than GreatCo-Ops. In addition to reviewing resumes and cover letters that request responses to industry-specific questions, multiple members of our team meet with qualified candidates in a virtual group screening interview. We ask them challenging questions, assess their industry knowledge, judge their emotional intelligence, and identify their leadership capabilities and shortcomings. We administer a tried-and-true online assessment. We also meet as a team to vigorously debate the candidates’ relative merits. Only the best applicants make it through our rigorous screening process and onto the short list.
  • We will put in the time necessary, and we will stand behind our work. We will work tirelessly to find you the ethical, experienced executive you are looking for. We never take shortcuts, and we stand behind our work with a two-year guarantee.
  • We offer optional services to help your new executive be successful. From executive coaching to senior staff team building to reviewing your executive performance assessment process, GreatCo-Ops is ready to give your new leader the support necessary to deliver outstanding results.

You can trust the team at GreatCo-Ops to assist with your most critical hiring decisions.

Co-ops need leaders who can inspire employees, set a compelling vision for the future, and work effectively with the board and staff. Let’s work together to find this kind of executive for your cooperative.

To learn more about our approach to electric cooperative executive search, contact us today!