Employee & Culture Analytics

Are you doing enough to measure the overall health of your electric cooperative? Are you making targeted leadership decisions today based on the numerous other factors that will drive your co-op’s success three, five, or even ten years into the future? Are you clear on the level of employee engagement, their commitment to your vision and core values, and their desire to stay with you for the long haul?

Do you have a data-driven understanding of your cooperative’s culture?

With our VitalSigns Cooperative Assessment® your co-op will have the opportunity to be assessed on a broad variety of performance metrics by our experienced business strategists, researchers, consultants, and statisticians.

Data Collection

Based upon decades of the highest-quality research in management, leadership, and strategy, our proprietary, anonymous employee survey will address the following factors, among others:

  • Employee turnover risk
  • Employee engagement
  • Organizational culture
  • Acceptance of the co-op's mission, vision, and core values
  • Perceptions of communication
  • Satisfaction with the safety culture
  • Satisfaction with opportunities for professional development and career advancement
We are always happy to modify our survey to address any additional issues your cooperative's senior staff or board would like to better understand.

Benefits for Participating Cooperatives

  • Additional clarity on co-op performance and leadership imperatives for the senior staff and board.
  • Performance baselines that can be reevaluated annually.
  • New insights into factors that are leading indicators of future performance.
  • A more comprehensive understanding of the best ways to measure co-op performance.
  • An enhanced leadership focus that saves time, optimizes priorities, and ensures a strategic orientation across the cooperative.
  • An increased commitment to continuous improvement and performance monitoring.

Reporting and Coaching

You will receive a professionally produced, personalized performance report on each dimension of our VitalSigns Cooperative Assessment®.

The report will include your raw data, as well as graphics to help cooperative management and the board quickly understand the results. In addition, each report will contain a narrative written by the team at GreatCo-Ops that clearly articulates your co-op’s strengths to leverage and areas to improve. The narrative will also include advice on the leadership priorities you should focus on right now to enhance your cooperative’s performance and your success as a leader.

Once the report is produced, GreatCo-Ops will schedule a conference call with your cooperative's leadership to discuss the results, address any questions or concerns, and provide insights that will help you address organizational challenges.

Let’s talk about data!

To learn more about how Employee & Culture Analytics can enhance the performance of your cooperative and its managers, contact us today.
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