The only benchmarking and best practices program exclusively for electric co-ops based on an all-hands employee survey. It will help you

  • Enhance Employee Engagement
  • Prepare for the Disruptions Ahead
  • Improve Your Safety Culture
  • Reduce Employee Turnover
  • Develop New, Data-Driven Best Practices
  • Learn Directly from Other Co-Op Leaders
  • Harness the Vast Knowledge of Your Entire Workforce
  • Better Anticipate Future Leadership Challenges

The GreatCo-Ops ConsortiumSM makes all of this possible for co-op leaders – simply, quickly, and at a cost that every co-op can afford.

Maximize your co-op’s performance and your success as a leader. Join our national benchmarking and best practices program, The GreatCo-Ops ConsortiumSM.

Performance and Capabilities Benchmarking

Leveraging the GreatCo-Ops VitalSigns Cooperative Assessment®, The Consortium provides a powerful, cost-effective platform to help co-op leaders better understand their cooperative today and chart a path toward greater success tomorrow. Each co-op in The Consortium is scored and benchmarked on numerous factors that are leading indicators of future cooperative performance, such as

  • Organizational Culture
  • Risk Identification and Management
  • Safety Culture and Challenges
  • Key Strengths and Weaknesses
  • The Co-Op’s Unique Threat and Opportunity Landscape
  • Process Quality, Efficiency, and Effectiveness
  • Employee Skill/Training Levels and Needs
  • Employee Engagement, Satisfaction, and Turnover Intentions
  • Workforce Buy-In to the Mission, Vision, and Core Values of the Co-Op
  • Cooperative Governance
  • Strategic Planning and Communications Effectiveness

Customized Reporting

When our data analysis is complete, Consortium members receive a report detailing their co-op’s scores on each component of the VitalSigns Cooperative Assessment®, as well as their ranking among the other member co-ops nationally. The report includes the full text of anonymous written comments from employees to add richness and context to the numerical results. The report also includes a narrative for co-op management – written by GreatCo-Ops’ strategy and leadership experts – that provides practical advice on how to maximize the co-op’s performance based upon the insights gained from the assessment.


In-Depth Consultation

Once the report is delivered, each Consortium member has an in-depth phone consultation with GreatCo-Ops to discuss the co-op’s scores, its relative rankings, the key challenges identified in the assessment, our team’s perspectives on possible solutions to those challenges, and top leadership priorities.


Collaborative Best Practices Development

The top-scoring cooperatives each year in the primary categories of the VitalSigns Cooperative Assessment® are recognized by GreatCo-Ops to showcase their accomplishments, both among Consortium members and throughout the industry.  Moreover, the leaders of these co-ops are invited to share their strategies for success during a Consortium-wide best practices conference call.  This information exchange ensures a flow of knowledge between participating co-ops that leads to the development of new best practices, driving improvements in cooperative performance.

Benefits and Outcomes for Consortium Members

  • Improvements in the co-op’s culture, morale, safety, risk, operational effectiveness, and overall performance
  • Increased board, employee, and member confidence in management
  • An entirely new suite of metrics that predict future success and are easily reevaluated annually
  • Clear, actionable, data-driven insights about the cooperative’s “health,” both in absolute terms and relative other Consortium members
  • New knowledge that is essential to determining the most important priorities for the co-op
  • Increased learning of best practices from other Consortium members

The VitalSigns Cooperative Assessment®

The GreatCo-Ops VitalSigns Cooperative Assessment® – based on a brief, anonymous, online, annual, all-employee survey – taps the collective wisdom of a Consortium member’s entire workforce.  It is powerful because it extracts and synthesizes the vast storehouse of knowledge gained by a co-op’s employees over their hundreds of years of aggregate experience in the industry.

The results of our 20- to 30-minute survey give Consortium members much deeper insights into organizational culture, risks, strengths, weaknesses, the co-op’s unique threat and opportunity landscape, governance effectiveness, employee engagement, and much, much more.

The team at GreatCo-Ops handles all aspects of survey implementation. We also provide Consortium members with language to use in communicating the nature and importance of the program to employees and board members to boost employee response rates and ease any concerns.

Investment Required for Consortium Membership

The GreatCo-Ops ConsortiumSM requires only a small investment of time and budget, while yielding insights that are essential to improving co-op performance.

GM/CEO:  Approximately four hours in total per year to promote the program to employees (communications assistance provided by GreatCo-Ops), review the co-op’s VitalSigns Cooperative Assessment® and benchmarking report, participate in the post-report consultation call with GreatCo-Ops, and join the Consortium-wide best practices conference call.

HR or IT Personnel:   A few minutes each year to provide employee names and email addresses to GreatCo-Ops for survey distribution purposes.

Employees:  Approximately 20-30 minutes each to complete the GreatCo-Ops VitalSigns Cooperative Assessment® online survey.

Budget:  The GreatCo-Ops ConsortiumSM has a straightforward pricing structure – based on a co-op’s size – that is specifically designed to be affordable for every co-op in America.  That is our promise.

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