HR Services

Navigating a co-op’s HR challenges is difficult. Unfortunately, many co-ops are stretched thin in HR at a time when their tasks are becoming more complex. You can rely on GreatCo-Ops to make things easier for you in co-op HR.

GreatCo-Ops’ HR Partnership practice is specifically designed to help co-op HR professionals leverage their time and be successful in their increasingly challenging roles.

We help solve the following HR challenges:

  • Creating a Valuable Performance Appraisal Process
  • Hiring the Right People
  • Onboarding New Employees
  • Leading Exit Interviews
  • Developing Succession Plans
  • Identifying High Potential and High Performing Employees
  • Creating or Updating Employee Handbooks, HR Policies, and Practices
  • Advising on HR Business and Strategic Initiatives Planning
  • Transforming Your Relationships with Managers into Positive Partnerships
  • Crafting HR Practices that Improve Your Co-op’s Culture
  • Training Supervisors on Becoming More Effective Managers and Leaders

Looking for something else? Contact us so we can discuss your specific HR needs.

Our approach to supporting co-op HR leaders is grounded in proven strategies and techniques that will transform the way your organization approaches HR. Thoughtful planning, a solutions-oriented mindset, and a strong emphasis on good communication are at the heart of our HR practice.

Your Trusted HR Partner

You can trust us to provide a customized approach that meets your HR needs while respecting your time and resources. Working with us, your co-op can leverage our proven tools and techniques to enhance the effectiveness of its HR program quickly and easily.

Managing today’s co-op HR function takes perseverance, confidence, and a constantly evolving set of capabilities. We can help.

Ready to move your HR function forward? Let’s talk!