Process Improvement

Save money, improve member satisfaction, and reduce employee stress by making sure your processes are as efficient and effective as possible.

Our national survey shows that only 4% of employees believe their co-op’s processes are as good as they should be.

Led by a Six Sigma Black Belt and Licensed Professional Engineer, our process improvement service will help you with the following:

  • Enhancing your team’s ability to leverage the most useful process improvement tools and techniques
  • Surveying your employees to identify where processes need improvement
  • Assessing your existing processes
  • Making recommendations for process improvement
  • Assisting with implementation of new processes that enhance co-op efficiency and effectiveness

Running a cooperative is complicated, and it is getting more complicated all the time. To achieve excellence in your operations, chances are that process improvements are required.

Investments in Process Improvements Make Good Business Sense

Co-op employees nationwide tell us consistently that process problems are frustrating the members and wasting resources. Let’s work together to ensure that this is not the case at your cooperative.

Ready to enhance your co-op's processes? Let’s talk!