Strategy and Risk Management Collaborative

The Strategy and Risk Management Collaborative combines peer learning with our strategy and risk management expertise to help co-op leaders prepare for the challenges ahead.

Meetings begin in early 2023. Seats are limited!

A co-op’s strategy and risks are becoming more difficult to manage. The Strategy and Risk Management Collaborative makes it easier.

Key Features of The GreatCo-Ops Strategy and Risk Management Collaborative

Facilitated Virtual Collaborative Meetings:  Six monthly, 75-minute meetings combining peer knowledge sharing and facilitation by GreatCo-Ops’ strategy and risk management experts. Each Collaborative member gets two “seats” per meeting. Topics addressed include:

  • Industry Trends and Their Likely Effects on Co-ops
  • Building an Excellent Strategic Plan
  • Performance Measurement
  • Best Practices in Co-op Risk Management
  • Risk Identification and Assessment
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies
  • Integrating Risk Management and Strategic Planning

Strategy and Risk Management Toolkit:  Collaborative members have access to the GreatCo-Ops Strategy and Risk Management Toolkit, which includes our strategic plan template, execution plan template, risk register, risk map, risk policy, and risk mitigation forms.

Review of Your Co-op’s Strategic Plan and Approach to Risk Management:  Our strategy and risk management experts review each Collaborative member’s current strategic plan and risk management process.  Then, we provide clear recommendations for improvement in a virtual meeting with each co-op’s senior leadership.

The Collaborative gives co-op leaders the opportunity to collectively develop a more informed understanding of the forces that will shape their organizations in the future, and refine the tools necessary to address them effectively.

Leaders of The Strategy and Risk Management Collaborative

matt headshot head shot white background compressed

Matt Gilley, Ph.D. – Founder & CEO of GreatCo-Ops

David-Sommer-Head-Shot-Pic-Photo-no-background-2 Compressed

David Sommer, Ph.D. – Risk Management Consultant

Mari Weymouth headshot compressed no background

Mari Weymouth, Ph.D. – Strategy Consultant

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