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Major disruption is coming. We can help you prepare like no one else can.

The most significant risk you likely face as a co-op leader is failing to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that reflects the industry’s emerging disruptors and lights your path forward. Moreover, a lack of strategic clarity is a top driver of board-management conflict and cultural dysfunction. The strategy consultants at GreatCo-Ops will help you become a more successful strategic leader. And, we will help you develop a superb strategic plan that prepares your co-op for the future and inspires your members, employees, and directors.

To prepare your co-op for disruptions on the horizon, you need an experienced strategy consultant, not a facilitator.

The GreatCo-Ops Strategic Planning Process

The structured approach developed by GreatCo-Ops will ensure that at the end of the process your cooperative has a solid plan for the future that all stakeholders have embraced.

Our comprehensive strategic planning process includes the following (at your discretion):

  • Senior Staff Leadership Development in Advanced Strategic Planning. We will deliver a content-rich readings packet and seminar for your staff (and your board if you wish) covering the most critical topics in strategic planning, giving your people the insights they need to engage in the strategic planning process most effectively.
  • Stakeholder Engagement. We will have one-on-one, in-person meetings with each of your senior staff and directors. We will deploy our VitalSigns Cooperative Assessment® to allow us to better understand employees’ views and collect data about your culture, people, and processes. And, we will assist you in implementing a member survey to ensure that the strategic planning process considers the members’ views of the co-op.
  • Strategic Planning Retreat. GreatCo-Ops will custom-design an off-site retreat that fits your culture, where we will review the co-op’s current plan, vision, mission, and core values, and discuss the results of our board interviews, employee surveys, and member data. We will use experience-proven models to assess risks, opportunities, strengths, weaknesses, and trends, and your team will leave with tremendous progress and a plan for your future.
  • Performance Measurement. As a result of our work together, your cooperative will develop a much more comprehensive performance measurement process. This will broaden your perspective on your co-op’s effectiveness, and it will give you insights into performance measures that are leading indicators of future co-op success.
  • Customizable Strategy Dashboard and Document Templates. Our process makes it easy to track your progress toward the achievement of your mission. Our multi-level strategy dashboard provides a comprehensive structure where your team can monitor and adjust its priorities, goals, initiatives, metrics, and more. And, our strategic plan document templates ensure that your final strategic plan is both thorough and straightforward.
  • Accountability Assurance. After your strategic planning retreat, members of our team will schedule quarterly conference calls with you and your senior staff for approximately 12-18 months to discuss progress on initiatives and any new challenges, risks, or opportunities that have arisen. These calls are essential for keeping your team engaged and accountable for ongoing strategic thinking, analysis, and implementation.
  • 24/7 Ongoing Strategy Coaching. Throughout this process, our team will be available to you and your senior staff at any time by email, telephone, or videoconference to help them address critical strategic issues. This aspect of our service allows for a personalized approach for each member of your team that will help them become better strategic leaders in the long-run, and solve immediate strategic issues as they arise.
  • Communications Assistance. From beginning to end, our team will help you communicate with your key stakeholders to ensure that they understand the process, are engaged, and have confidence that your co-op’s strategic planning is being conducted with their best interests in mind. And once your core values, vision, mission, and other key components of your plan are developed, we will help you craft a communications approach that truly inspires your stakeholders and makes clear your cooperative’s value to them.
  • Deliverables Set. You will receive a comprehensive set of documents, including a detailed analysis of the process and outcomes, extensive leadership development materials, advice for maximizing the value of the process to your cooperative going forward, and much more.

We Make the Complex Straightforward

Our comprehensive approach to strategic planning is founded upon decades of work in the field of business strategy. We know how the process works, making a complex process clear and intuitive for your entire cooperative.

Be Strategic About Your Strategic Planning

Many facilitators claim expertise in strategic planning, but few have the depth of experience, insight, and structured approach that this complex task requires. There is a fundamental science behind good strategic planning. When done right, strategic planning can lead to fantastic results: improved employee engagement, reduced turnover, better board-management relations, a stronger safety culture, higher levels of trust and buy-in, greater managerial confidence and focus, and much more.

Our unique approach combines a structured strategic planning process with extensive leadership development, both before and during the process.

We want to learn about your co-op’s strategy. Let’s schedule a call!

We are here to help. And our process makes this complex task much simpler than you might expect.
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