Succession Planning

Employee turnover is accelerating. Be prepared with succession planning from GreatCo-Ops.

Many of the most experienced co-op employees are retiring or leaving for another organization. At the same time, co-ops are becoming more challenging to operate every year.  This makes succession planning more important now than ever.

GreatCo-Ops will help you create a succession plan that follows best practices, minimizes disruptions, and keeps the co-op moving forward.

The GreatCo-Ops Succession Planning Process

Not every approach to succession planning will work for an electric cooperative.  Effective co-op succession planning requires the full support of the board, senior staff, and employees.  We know that co-op culture is unique.  That is why we designed our approach specifically to work best for electric cooperatives.  Our succession planning process is collaborative, developmental, and focused on what matters most to co-ops.

When you work with GreatCo-Ops on succession planning, we will help you:

  • Make the case for succession planning with your directors, senior staff, and employees
  • Tie your succession plan to the co-op’s long term vision and strategy
  • Build trust and transparency into the process
  • Create both tactical (short-term) and strategic (long-term) succession plans
  • Ensure accountability for results and sustainability of the plan
  • Determine the mission-critical roles at your co-op today and those that are likely to arise in the future
  • Determine key success factors for each mission-critical role
  • Understand how to select employees for inclusion in the process
  • Leverage our Succession Readiness Form and Growth & Development Plan templates to speed the process of preparing the next generation of key employees

GreatCo-Ops has the expertise and the process to make succession planning successful at your cooperative.

A Succession Planning Approach Built Just for Cooperatives

When you work with GreatCo-Ops to develop your succession plan, you will be ready to move the right people into the right roles when the time comes. And, you will rest assured that the co-op is prepared to continue delivering safe, reliable power to your members when key employees depart.

Ready to build your co-op's succession plan? Let's get started!