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We are a team of business strategists and leadership development professionals who are driven by a desire to help you create a winning strategy, a healthy culture, satisfied members, and happy directors at your co-op. There is no doubt that electric cooperative leaders face an uncertain future filled with tough challenges. We are here to help you weather the coming storm, produce great results for your co-op, and enjoy a career filled with meaning and satisfaction.

Our team has devoted their careers to consulting with business leaders, coaching them on key strategic challenges, creating new insights for them, listening to them, and learning from them. We have also published hundreds of research studies and books on business strategy and leadership. And, we have a knowledge base and depth of experience that is unmatched. Every service we provide is founded upon tools, insights, and principles that have been proven by data and experience to actually work.

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The team at GreatCo-Ops will never take you for granted.

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Matt Gilley

Founder of GreatCo-Ops

A trusted advisor to senior cooperative leaders and directors who want to create higher levels of performance in their people and their co-op.

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Jose Berrios

An experienced senior executive and vital partner to electric co-op leaders and directors who want to maximize opportunities, overcome challenges, and create lasting value for members.

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Debra L. Nelson

An internationally recognized researcher, coach, speaker, and consultant who helps people become more successful leaders.

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J. Lee Whittington

A dynamic leadership development expert who creates and delivers engaging workshops that produce real results for co-op leaders, directors, and high-potential employees.

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Mike Crownover

With broad experience as a C-Suite executive at one of the world’s largest energy companies, Mike is ideally suited to helping electric cooperative leaders address their most complex challenges.

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Laura Little

A highly skilled leadership expert with the insights needed for today's co-op managers to be successful.

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David Vequist

A skilled facilitator, consultant, HR professional, and researcher who helps co-ops enhance culture, boost employee engagement, and achieve maximum levels of member satisfaction.

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